Thursday, July 30, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Gulia

    My dear friend of the last eight years, Gulia is moving out to Portland. I met her the day after she arrived from Bakali. She was tired but excited and also worried. Her friend Renata was still stuck at the Moscow airport. A couple of years later Becky and I had the opportunity to visit Bakali, a small Tatar village near the Urals. Could there be a better place on earth?

    Fast forward to a gathering of her friends to see her off. A couple of days later Gulia and I visited Kentucky's Natural Bridge and rode the chairlift just like I did with my Dad 35 years ago. Then it was to Miguel's Pizza and down to Muir Valley to look for cliffs and rock climbers. A very special day.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Getting Started

The weather was good. Time to uncover the old foundation wall that will support the brick hut. Sarah (the Bob Kitten) Fulmer had started the brick wall on Lexington Ave., Jesse Shelbourne had finished it. The are both here at 712 Washington Ave. to clean and tuck point the 150 year old stone wall. Also appearing in the line up is my first Russian teacher, Julia Wolf. Suddenly we are underway!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Becky's funeral

I went over to Newport's west side to compose myself before her funeral . Found an old Egypt brick on Lowell St. The funeral was at St. Paul's Episcopal Church where Becky had long sung in the choir. It was a great service. The light shone through the windows. The music was great. The church was standing room only. Afterwards there was a reception next door where Lagniappe played. Many flowers and a Collinwood brick from Mike Corn.It was a wonderful send off for a wonderful person.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Becky's Last Day - Kentucky Crown and Grandma jo

My sweet Becky slipped away  the evening of Monday, July 6th.  She was able to watch the Fourth of  July fireworks. That day  I picked up this, the last brick while she was still alive. The great matriarch Grandma Jo, Becky's mom, is sportingly help holding the brick. That evening she was holding her daughter's hand as she breathed her last breath.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Just a few long weeks ago we received a permit from the city of Newport to build a 12' X 15' brick structure in the side lot next door. Of course it will feature many of the bricks in this very blog. My dear, dear wife Rebecca is slipping away, but we were so delighted to finally get permission.
Special thanks at the city to Tom Fromme, Bev Holiday, Bob Bramel, and Bob List.


Friday, July 3, 2015

Rebecca and visitors at the hospice.

  I am starting up this blog again for a couple of reasons. Recently I obtained a permit to build a brick hut in the lot next door on Washington avenue here in Newport. I will be using all the different brick I have been collecting recently.
   I am also restarting it to honor my wife, Rebecca. For the last year and one half she has been going through pancreatic cancer. This brick hut is being built for her.
   Becky is at St. Elizabeth Hospice.  Old friends Ben Sandmel and Ingrid Multhopp are here for a visit. Also pictured is dear friend Sarah (The Bob Kitten) Fulmer. She gave me a clock statue from the estate of Johnny TV Peluso. Together Sarah and went back to Lowell St. to score a DT&S brick.
   Ben with another friend Kim Reynolds. At a Reds game 40 years ago Kim playfully stuck lit matches in Ben's ear. Ben is still holding a grudge.
   Dan Bare with the bunny ears insulted Ingrid by asking her if she is the older or younger sister of her brother Hans. She is actually six years younger. Dan did spend five minutes explaining why it was a most reasonable question.