Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tinkie 1999- 2011

Tinkie finally used up all of her nine lives. She was our cat - actually Sarah's- for almost 20 years. She had lived in all five of our houses. She hadn't hissed since Blackie died eight months earlier. Now she is resting under the brick wall out back along with Mr.Ted, Willie, and Blackie.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Unveiling the 9/11 monument Newport, Ky.

Ten years after the terrorist attack a monument was dedicated to the firemen who lost their lives in New York at the World Trade Center.
The World Peace Bell in Newport. Local businessman and visionary David Hosea had planned a 1000 foot tower. That didn't happen, but at least there is the bell.
A piece os steel from the World Trade Center. Better watch out for the scrappers.
American flag. I got this flag from my dear friend Abby Phillips after she passed at 92. Someone else found an old helmet in her attic. "This must be from World War Five!", he exclaimed. Barely visible is a Confederate flag in the window next door. That would belong to Becky's pal, 'Cousin' John.

9/11 tiles H&h Grill

Everyone remembers where they were at 9/11. I was getting breakfast at the H&H Grill, a greasy spoon at the corner of Cleaney and Montgomery in Norwood, Ohio. When Xavier University bought it to tear it down, Sarah Fulmer, AKA the Bobkitten, and I snuck over and climbed on the roof to rescue these tiles. Now they cap off the wall at 529 Lexington Ave