Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stacy, my Russian teacher for the last three years

Stacy (Anastacia Siderova) was my Russian teacher for the last three years.Here she is at the end of a lesson holding a textbook from the 70's. Also visible is a verb book and another textbook with its cover torn off (Kristina).
It is difficult to sum up three years in a single paragraph, but let me give it a shot. Whenever I think of Stacy, my first thought is always how grateful I am. Every lesson was wonderfully planned out and every moment so interesting. She has deeply influenced me and always brought out the best in me.

Stacy at Aglamieses

Here is Stacy looking her best at one of my very favorite places, Aglamieses in Cincinnati. There are so many candies to chose from in the background. I have borrowed the tile pattern on the floor several times.

Becky and Kristina

A beautiful woman with an appetite for candy, my beloved wife Becky, with Kristina that same day at Aglamieses.

Mr. Aglamieses himself

This is another proud moment for me: Kristina with the owner of my favorite business in Cincinnati.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th (one day early)

Becky and I drove 40 miles down in the country to be in the Independence Day Parade. I helped carry the banner for our neighbor Julie Smith-Morrow who is running for state senate.

the Farmer's Daughter

Before the parade, Becky posed on the John Deere tractor pulling the Democratic contingent.


After the parade, Becky and I went on a bike ride out in the Kentucky countryside outside of Falmouth. This old pump caught my eye.

Close-up of pump handle

For those of you who can't read, it says "CIN"TI PUMP CO. CIN, O."

old country home

We were biking on Milford Road east of Falmouth,
when we came across this old farmhouse. Becky has promised to do a sketch of it.

Licking River Water Nymph

After marching in the parade and biking for three hours, Becky completes the triathalon by swimming in the Licking River.