Sunday, May 22, 2016


22 mins ·
Portland, Oregon. Longtime friend Gulnara with her first ever visitor from Russia, her Dad Ramil. Off to explore the famous Rose Garden. Castle, a found object artist at the Saturday Market. told me where to find a few of the rare Oregon bricks. They were nestled under the roots of a fallen cottonwood tree right below the St. John's Bridge

. You know they are going in Becky's hut.

Isaac Jackson Tetrault

Here are a few pictures of my brand new grandson Isaac Jackson Tetrault. My barber and I are currently negotiating a visit to Boston to see him. In the last 40 years only my wife and my daughter have cut my hair and I see no reason to change. But it suddenly looks like everyone is well and so the plan now is a big blow out 2nd birthday celebration for baby Simone at the end of June.