Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stacy and Gulia

If Friday night showcased a 75 year old, then Saturday answered with two young friends fifty years younger. Stacy, my old Russian teacher visited from Chicago. Here she is with Gulia who stayed with us for the last couple of months.

Robin and Kristina

Where would we all go dinner with Stacy's energetic daughter? To Sis's Family Affair On Monmouth St. in Newport. Kristina got to sprinkle salt on the floor (and in the grates) so the dancers could slide across the floor and then she went from table to table offering potato chips. Robin is the new barmaid. She is not a bit shy either.

Outside Sis's

Happy customers along with Clay the proprietor.

Clay with a Thursday night regular

Every Thursday night it is a st--k dinner for $ 10.95

Friday, September 17, 2010

Schwartz's Point

This weekend we got an invitation to hear an old friend of ours, Eileen Brownfield, perform at Ed Moss's jazz club, here at his building, Schwartz's Point, in the heart of Over-the-Rhine.

Schwartz's Point

Help! I need my fact checker. Schwartz's Point was originally a pharmacy(?). I have been up to the attic and all the original clockworks are still intact. There are all types of wild unchanged details throughout the building like the trapdoor that opens to the winding steps to the basement.
The grand entrance to the Jazz Club. Roof and door have recently been painted.


These cobblestones orginally lined the canal a few blocks away where Central Parkway is now located. After the canal was filled in 100+ years ago, they were mortared in place here and began a new life.

Eileen Brownfield With Ed Moss

Eileen Brownfield has been a professional entertainer for 60 years or so ever since she was a 15 year old showgirl at the Beverley Night Club over in Northern Kentucky. We met her at the lounge of Vernon Manor where her husband Paul played all the old standards every Saturday night. She had bright red hair and every few minutes would let out an exuberant "Whoop!"

Eileen's Solo Debut at Ed's

I think Eileen had sung a song or two here before, but not a whole evening. She had only a short practice session in the afternoon. She did great.

Second Set

By the time the second set rolled around Eileen was really getting into it. She is a fabulous dancer. Note the slit in her skirt.

Monday, September 13, 2010


As soon as I returned home from Boston I mortared this wedding brick in place out back. Incidentally, I have been having computer troubles and now have a backlog of pictures clamoring to be posted.

Baltimore Westport Paving Brick Co.

"Auntie" Ingrid lived with us for half a year when the kids were little and taught them about art. She lugged this and the following brick from her hometown of Baltimore to New York and then on to Boston for the wedding.


Well done, Ingrid. I don't see this firebrick listed with the word "Furnace".

3-hole brick

My daughter Sarah gave me this brick when I arrived in Boston for her wedding. I think the holes were drilled out to be a candle holder.