Monday, August 29, 2011

Newport Car Show 2011

A 1947 Studebaker pick up truck in front of Mammoth Coffeehouse On Monmouth St.

A genuine hot rod. It had the name of the original business still on the side.

!954 Chevy

When I was a kid in Iowa, we had a Chevy just like this. Ours was the same baby blue, even the roof. We drove out to Oregon in it and sold it when we moved to New York City in 1962.

An old Thunderbird in front of Newport's last strip joint, the Brass Ass. When I arrived in town, there were close to twenty of them.

A really hot looking Studebaker in front of my old hang out, Peyton Place. Best breakfast in town.

Wild orange pickup in front of Kamp's Carpets, 6th and Monmouth.

This girl said she dreamed that someday she would have a Thunderbird like this. I hope her dream comes true.

Mr. Softee

Right across from my warehouse are two Mr. Softee trucks. Here is one at Seventh St. during the car show.

A Crosley minicar. Powell Crosley was a famous Cincinatian. An inventor and entrepreneur, he owned the Cincinnati Reds and WLW, the radio station. He designed this car as well as radios. The beloved old home of the reds, Crosley Field, was named after him.

The Green Line buses used to run through Northern Kentucky. This bus must be from the early 1950's.

A hot rod making its way down Monmouth Street at the end of the show.

A 1929 Model A Ford in front of Sin City Antique Mall.

Another beautifully painted car. Behind it is the C and D Record bar where you can still buy old 45's.

Another cool grill. I think this is a 49' Ford.