Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to move a 500 lb. stone

Our Halloween party was that night, so I thought it would be a good idea to move this stone out of the driveway.

Where to find good help?

Becky is not that much into moving heavy objects, so to get her help requires just the right mixture of pleas, promises, threats, lies, insults, and compliments. Right now she is quite busy resting up fro the party.

Cribbing the stone

Using a spud bar, bricks and 2"X 4"s we raise the stone one end at a time.

Almost there

Sliding the stone onto the dolly

I got this stone and its mate over in Camp Washington on Colerain Ave. near the site of the old Workhouse. It took five of us to load it onto the pickup truck. We used a comealong, a plywood ramp and PVC pipes as rollers. It is heavy that it crushed a furnuture moving dolly that I have had for 25 years.

Almost There

Stone on dolly. 'Pretty Girl' Becky strikes triumphant pose.

Stone at its new home

I pulled the dolly to the backyard and flipped the stone on to a sheet of plywood. I put some PVC rollers under it and pried it in place by the back gate. Its mate soon followed.

Getting Ready for Halloween

Since Becky helped me, I'll throw her a bone. Here we have her getting ready for the Halloween party that evening. She is the queen of the the Disco. By the way, Grandma Jo bought this vanity on layaway as a teenager at the beginning of World War Two.